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Deluxe Swinger




 Attracts attention as it gently swings in the wind

 The ultimate outdoor or indoor sign

 Double sided, and features four no-slide feet

 Made of rust proof techno polymers

 Internal steel supports for stability in rain and wind

 7 lines for your customized messages

 Black letters, red numbers and symbols

 Set of 314 - 4" letters, numbers and symbols

 Set of 22 - 8" jumbo numbers with "%" (red)

 9" Double sided headers "SALE" & "Special" (red)

 Face size 24" x 36" x 0.5"

 Overall size: 32 in. x 42 in.

 Comes with 1 set of easy to assemble hardware.



Price                        $169

Shipping                   $25

Model                    CL009



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 More Changeable Letter Sign options

 With all outdoor signage, it is advisable to check with your local zoning dept.

Sidewalk Signs Are Simple To Use

 A small business may find that sidewalk signs can really help to promote their type of business.  A sidewalk sign is a kind of sign that you can use in a window or even on the sidewalk to promote different things about your business. You can place whatever information you desire on this sign and change the information as often as you like. This feature of these types of signs can give you a lot of flexibility. 

There are many neon signs out there to choose from, but a changeable letter sign will provide much more.  A changeable letter sign can be placed on a sidewalk in front of your business to promote any specials you are offering on a particular day.  This can be very attractive to anyone walking by and can also help you to build your customer base. 

You can also place your business name and contact information on this sign.  If you have a website, this can be great information that you can place on your changeable letter sign.  You can also put your phone number on this sign so that people will know how to contact you in the future.  With careful thought, you can display new and helpful information to the public each day on your sign to create a very effective method of advertising. 

If you have various sales throughout the year, you can use changeable letter signs to help you advertise the type of sale.  Many customers are attracted to sales that are conducted annually or bi-annually.  You want to promote this type of sale in every way possible; and the right sign can help you to accomplish this goal. 

You can also use other types of signs that you will find at Neon Sign World to help you with your business promotion.  You can find a large assortment of open signs that can be used to let your customers know when your business is open each day and ready for customers. 

You can also use neon signs that have your business phone number on them as a permanent fixture in your business with this information.  You will find many choices that may work perfectly in your business to help you promote whatever you may be offering.  At Neon Sign World, there are many signs that are very specific for certain types of businesses. 

Sidewalk signs are very easy to use.  This is a sign that will enable you to change the message any time you like providing you with a great promotional tool. 



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