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All Neon Light Signs in this section offer these features:

bullet100% handcrafted real glass tube neon light signs made by experienced neon glass benders.
bulletOnly the highest quality neon components are used.
bulletSigns are mounted on a black or clear Lexan® backing with top and bottom protective sides.
bullet110 volt U.L. listed transformer.
bulletPower cord that plugs into a standard 110-volt outlet.
bulletChain and hanging hardware included.
bulletComes with a one-year warranty on all electrical components.
bulletThese signs can hang in your window, mount on your wall or sit on a counter.
bulletNeon signs can be seen from far away, in all kinds of weather conditions, including fog.
bulletThere is no light form in existence that has the visual impact of neon!
bulletFor indoor use only.
bulletIt comes complete and ready for immediate use.
bulletFree replacement if neon sign arrives damaged.
bulletWe only ship to the Continental USA (48 States)


Neon Lights for sale!

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Using Neon Lights to Grow Your Business    

 Neon lights are becoming an increasingly popular way to advertise your business and it is no surprise why. Neon lights have been proven time and time again to increase sales for businesses that use them. 

A neon light is a sign that uses glass tubes filled with gas that lights up when it is heated and appears to glow to the human eye. Neon lights are used in bars, casinos, hotels, entertainment venues and services. Neon lights have been used in commercial applications since the early 1900’s; and when first invented, they were considered a marketing breakthrough. 

Not much is different now than it was then. Neon signs by nature with their colorful lights attract the human eye. The more eyes you can get pointed at your business, the more sales you will get. So now that you know why you need a neon light, here is what you need to know to buy one. 

The first thing you will have to decide is whether to get a stock neon light or to have one customized especially for your business. If it is in your budget, a custom design neon light is always a good choice. A custom sign gives you the ability to be creative and really showcase the way you want your company presented.  

You can find a large selection of neon lights on the Internet and it is usually a good place to start your search for a company to buy from. Some companies even offer web applications to design your sign online and see how it will look before you place your order. If you want to work directly with the neon light maker you may want to consider an Internet company like Neon Sign World so you have more design control. 

Once you find your perfect neon sign and hang it in the window you will find that it requires little upkeep or maintenance. The energy it uses is minimal but still more than LED signs.  

Make sure that you place the sign somewhere safe. Although neon signs are cool to the touch, you do not want a child grabbing a hold of a glass tube in your shop. Most neon lights contain mercury which is toxic, so keeping your sign out of reach will ensure the tubes do not get broken.

There is no reason to wait; invest in your business today with a quality neon light to advertise. You will not be sorry you did!

Neon Lights and How They Work 

Neon lights get their glow from neon which is the Greek word for new. Neon is a lightweight gas that is found in our atmosphere and was first discovered by William Ramsay and Morris W Travers in 1898. 

Neon is a first-rate conductor of electricity and gives off light as it conducts electricity. This is what makes it a popular material for airplane beacons, lamps and custom neon signs. Neon gas is red in color in its natural state. However, a whole range of color can be made inside neon tubes by using mercury and other gases. 

Neon lights are made by removing all of the air from a glass tube and replacing it with neon gas. Once an electric current starts to flow through the neon tube it will create a glow which is used for lighting purposes. Neon lights do not contain filaments like light bulbs do; but instead, it is the actual gas that glows. 

Neon lights are produced by taking tubes and heating them up and then bending them into different designs. Once the design is set, the air is evacuated from the chamber and neon gas is added to the glass tube. Depending on the color of the sign, mercury or other gases may also be used. Color filter tubes can also be used to make a wide range of colors. The signs or lamps that are truly neon will only be red. 

Neon is costly to produce since it has to be extracted from the atmosphere and filtered out, but it does not take much neon to produce a significant amount of lighting. Only a quart of neon is needed to produce up to 200-300 feet of neon tubing. Neon is also extremely lightweight and is the second lightest gas in the universe. 

The main difference between neon lights and fluorescent lights is the type of materials inside and the colors that the gases give off. Fluorescent gases, unlike neon gases, are invisible to the naked eye and depend on a coating of phosphors inside the glass tube to make the colors visible. Neon lights, however, don’t need phosphors on the inside because the gas glows directly through the tube and is visible without the addition of other elements. 

Neon lights also have many uses ranging from advertising signs to airplane beacons. Neon lights can be seen from as far as 20 miles away under the right conditions and are also able to travel through fog effectively.



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