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*Question:  Some companies claim to offer "Free Shipping", why don't you? 

Answer: Have you ever shipped a package for free? No one ships packages for free! Many companies include the cost of shipping in their price and call it "free shipping". They'll tell you that you're getting a bargain, but the truth is that the customer always pays the shipping costs. Some more transparent companies, like Neon Sign World, break out the cost of shipping so that the customer realizes just how much reliable shipping companies like UPS and FedEx charge to ship a big box of fragile glass across the country. We have been in business for over 10 years, have done a lot of shipping, and have very competitive pricing or we wouldn't have survived the Great Recession. Before you exit our shopping cart because we charge shipping, please realize that everyone charges shipping - we just tell you how much it costs. If you have the time to do further research, we ask that you compare our total price (shipping included) to competitors who claim to offer free shipping.

*Question:  Does neon ever break in shipment?

Answer: Of course it does. Some companies claim that they offer a 100% no-breakage guarantee. That sounds good until you consider that they don't even handle the product during shipment. How could they guarantee that it isn't going to break?  At Neon Sign World, we double-box your sign and include a lot of packing material to minimize breakage. Most of our signs do arrive in perfect condition. We clearly have an interest in delivering your sign without damage on the first attempt.

*Question:  What happens if the sign arrives broken?

Some companies would like you to believe that will never happen. If it does happen, you'd better hope that you bought your sign from us! You can tell a lot more about a company's integrity when something goes wrong than when everything goes right. If your sign arrives broken, you call or e-mail us immediately and we will swing into action. We will have UPS or FedEx pick up the sign where it was delivered and return it to our shop for repair. We will return your sign back to your door in perfect condition at no additional expense to you. You'll get to see what customer service really is instead of just hearing about it.

*Question:  What should I do now?

Answer:  You're good at your business and we're good at our business! You should focus on your business and let us handle your signage needs! Take the worry and hassle out of purchasing your sign and leave it up to a company with experience and integrity. Your best choice would to be to click on the "View Cart" button and finish processing your order with us!




To place your order, click the “Add to Cart” button below each product. Enter your address and credit card number to complete your order with our secure automated checkout. If you have trouble placing your order with our shopping cart, you can place your order by phone (330) 858-3711.

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